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We've fielded a great many questions in regards to this topic, so we wanted to set the record straight from the beginning.

For those that register for the event, YES, recordings will be available for a period of two weeks after the close of the conference for each seminar in our virtual event. With NCRA's permission, we are able to offer our registrants the option of viewing both live and recorded presentations while still maintaining your CEUs as prepaid. However, we can only provide Continuing Ed credits for one (1) seminar per time slot. Registrants are free to watch as many recordings as they wish within the two-week interval and there will be a certification document registrants must download and submit for any recording for which they wish credit. Remember: ONLY one Continuing Ed credit per time slot. This means that, for example, if you registered for the Intermediate training track on Saturday, and you watched that event live, you could ALSO watch the Advanced (and/or Basic for all that it matters) track training course recordings when they are released, however, when we submit the credits to the NCRA and other organizations you'll only get credit for the track you signed up for. They are all the same length and same credit amounts, so your points will NOT be effected.

Join Us For ESP VirtuCon 2020!

We've put together an incredible event for you this year, and it's all being presented virtually, anywhere you happen to be! So skip the added expense of flights across the country, hotels, expensive meals, entertainment, and other unnecessary costs by joining us from the comfort of your own home. Come prepared in your favorite slippers, and comfy chair, while we do all the work for you! You will get all of this for far less than you've ever thought possible including 4-days of training and up to 1.8 prepaid CEUs/CEs from NCRA, NVRA, and Texas JBCC!

through GoToWebinar

Thursday to Sunday
October 22-25, 2020

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We have over 10 years experience putting on webinars and virtual events, and have been putting on brick and mortar events for nearly 30 years. We will use our experience, combined with the best speakers, finest minds, and most respected trainers in our profession to present a compelling and informative virtual conference.

Virtual Conference Schedule

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  • Day 1

    October 22, 2020

  • Day 2

    October 23, 2020

  • Day 3

    October 24, 2020

  • Day 4

    October 25, 2020

  • 6:45PM - 10:00PM (EST)
    Editing efficiency is where it’s at; right? And the potential time savings are, well, enormous! Most Eclipse users don’t even know about dozens and dozens of shortcuts and time-savers, much less use them. Join Keith and Jeremy and explore ways to do way more work with way less effort, taking advantage of Eclipse's many automation features for editing. This two-part seminar will range from basics like punctuation review and using Hyperkeys, to advanced topics such as macros, prefixes and suffixes, and Proofreader customization. And speaking of the Proofreader, this new tool, introduced in v9 and covered here in depth, will save you all kinds of time, and it finds things a spelling checker can’t. If you edit transcript, you need to sign up for these seminars.
    General Sessions

  • 6:45PM - 10:00PM (EST)
    Session comprised of understanding Dragon 15.3 and deep-learning. We’ll tweak the components utilized in creating and maintaining a solid voice profile. We will work with word lists, phrases, and creating perfect raw text documents for analyzation. Finding and using external materials to prep Dragon for use with a realtime translation.
    General Session

  • 6:45PM - 10:00PM (EST)
    Audio synchronization is a big deal for court reporters, one of the most important innovations ever to be introduced during the evolution of CAT software. But there are things to know about getting the right equipment AND getting it properly hooked up, plus there are new dimensions to consider with respect to the new AI Boost feature in soon-to-be-released v10. Chris Carfagno, the owner of Sound Professionals, is an audio engineer and the developer of many microphones used by court reporters today. Good audiosync recordings are an essential tool for modern court reporters, but the secret to successfully capturing the voices in a proceeding runs deeper than the technology embodied in the mics. Reporters need to know what settings and adjustments to make in Windows and in their CAT software. The process begins with the choice of the right mic(s) for the situational needs of your type of work—deposition, court, hearing, etc.—and then moves through correct installation and configuration, and finally making sure your CAT software settings are optimized.
    General Sessions

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM (EST)
    In his Basics Class, Michael Starkman will be covering the basics of what you need to know to produce a transcript using Total Eclipse. He’s going to start from A and work his way to Z. You’ll learn how to read your notes in from your writer, start a realtime file, do basic globalling, setup speakers for the job, basic cursor movements, formatting commands, block operations, spell checking, ASCII, PDF and printing. Michael is also going to teach you how to work with block files (include files) and blank fields, how to create a basic page layout and discuss basic file management procedures.
    Track Training

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM (EST)
    Intermediate Class will not attempt to cover all features or enhancements to Eclipse, but it will focus on ways to improve translation and reduce editing time. The actual content of the day is naturally shaped by the questions that participants ask, but he plans to cover: What’s New in Eclipse? Audio enhancements, CART window improvements, Persistent sessions for Bridge Mobile, QR Code generation, Google Translate support.
    Track Training

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM (EST)
    Nearly thirty years ago, Jeremy Thorne began writing the first version of Eclipse CAT software. That was in the days of DOS, when computers were huge and smart phones didn’t exist. Today we are about to release Version 10, which he will cover in great depth during the Advanced Track on Friday. There is so much new goodness it’s hard to believe he’ll fit it all in: Support for Google Translate (holy cow, realtime translation into another language!); the CART window has been radically rewritten to make it much more flexible, automated, and, yes, attractive; Tran Magic, a feature many captioners avoid, has now been made available on-demand so you can use it as needed; and . . . we could go on, but we’d spoil it for you. Just be there and buckle up.
    Track Training

  • 11:00AM - 6:00PM (EST)
    All sessions throughout the day will focus on basic, intermediate and advanced features of EclipseVox, with some hidden gems thrown in along the way. The day will begin with covering some of the basics. Starting with a a quick tour of Eclipse and then hit upon user settings, creating different user settings for the various types of work you may do, and setting optimal speech input options. We’ll cover setting up audio and starting a realtime file, setting up speakers, basic cursor movements and globalling. We’ll then segue into everything dictionaries, working with block files, fill-in fields and the power of job variables. We’ll explore the use of voice briefs, macros and formatting, number conversion and eradicating “date hate.” We’ll discuss and demonstrate how the Delivery feature can assist you in efficient production and dissemination of your final product and file maintenance. In addition, we’ll uncover some of the most underutilized and powerful features that make you say “WHAT?” Fasten your seatbelts, we’re going on a ride.
    Track Training

  • 11:00AM - 2:15PM (EST)
    Eclipse 10 can leverage powerful speech recognition technology to analyze your audio recording to identify likely errors, proper nouns, missing vocabulary, and dropped words from your writing. Existing tools such as conflict AI and Translation Magic could only make an educated guess at a replacement based on statistical analysis. This technology listens to the audio instead of guessing, making edits based on what it heard. If you’re producing transcript and your writing is anything short of perfect, learn how to tune this feature so it can fix errors and significantly reduce your editing time.
    General Session

  • 2:45PM - 4:15PM (EST)
    Undoubtedly, one of the best CAT software features ever created. Based on your steno, your dictionaries, your phonetics table, and several pieces of user-definable information, AutoBrief automatically suggests briefs for long words or phrases you write during Realtime, and it displays them in a window or in your info-bar so you can use them instantly. This seminar will show users how to fully optimize this feature in order to get an endless stream of useful briefs and phrases. Invaluable for all realtimers, whether writing for deposition or court work, captioning, or providing CART services.

  • 2:45PM - 4:15PM (EST)
    This session will explore ways to get better, accurate translation by dictating less. We will uncover the power of using voice briefs to lessen the amount of words we have to dictate. We will take a look at the hidden gem of voice duplexing – replacing Q&A, speaker and punctuation voice codes with single keystrokes in order to keep up with fast-paced proceedings that leave us gasping for breath. For the grand finale, we’ll take a little deeper look at AI Boost and how it can help with fixing those dropped words, difficult words, and vocabulary that simply doesn’t yet exist in Dragon’s vocabulary, yielding more accurate transcripts.

  • 4:30PM - 6:00PM (EST)
    Our users love the many inventive and time-saving things Eclipse does for them using what we call our "AI" features. Prefixes and suffixes attach and correctly adjust spelling, AutoBrief suggests easy-to-stroke briefs on the fly, conflicts resolve accurately, Translation Magic fixes multi-stroke misstrokes, numbers convert beautifully, and now AI Boost. It's truly spectacular stuff.

    All of these wonderful features can be tweaked and tuned to work better with your preferences and writing style, and that's why Keith has put together this two-part seminar. He’ll begin with an overview of the many features you can use to enhance your translation results, and he’ll finish with the new AI Boost, which makes its appearance in soon-to-be-released v10 and promises to help you raise your accuracy to new levels. And better accuracy means less editing!

  • 4:30PM - 6:00PM (EST)
    Vox users are an important branch in the Eclipse family tree. The input method they use is newer, so there are fewer of them, but their usage of Eclipse is virtually same as is a steno writer’s. So they’re always eager for more information, but would like it personalized for their needs. Jeremy Thorne is delivering a seminar dedicated to exactly that. He'll talk about important program settings, what should or shouldn't be in your main and your speechtext dictionaries, review the all-important document analysis features, spend some time on number conversion, and talk about how to use the new AI Boost feature in v10. That’s a biggie, so if you use Eclipse Vox, you want to sign up for this one!

Our Speakers

As always, the Eclipse Users Group brings you nothing but the very best, especially when it comes to presenters. Meet your elite group of speakers and trainers for this year, all of whom are unparalleled at what they do!
Jeremy Thorne
Jeremy Thorne is the Director of Research and Development for a number of products available from Advantage Software, including Eclipse CAT software, AccuCap closed captioning software, Bridge litigation support software and the application software for the Passport writer. He started writing Eclipse in 1987 and has been working on it continuously ever since, creating and enhancing the program you've all come to know and love.
Keith Vincent
Keith Vincent is a freelance reporter residing in Houston, Texas. Since 1992, he's been an Eclipse user, field tester, sales representative, trainer, and seminar presenter. During that time he's produced a steady stream of tools to help you take maximum advantage of the Eclipse CAT system, including the Efficient Editing Tutorial and more than 250 short Visualizer movies that are built into Total Eclipse, and so very much more!
Michael Starkman
Michael Starkman is a former freelance reporter from Pennsylvania. Since joining Eclipse through eVerbatim, and the Eclipse Users Group, Michael has done countless seminars. They include regular presentations at the ESP Network Meetings (the Eclipse Users' Group), annual appearances as a speaker at both NCRA's national conventions and at state conventions, and he has also provided many training seminars in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer L. Thompson is one of the country's leading enthusiasts and trainers for Voice Recognition technology in the Court Reporting profession. When it comes to Eclipse and Dragon there is simply no other trainer you want teaching you than her.
Eclipse Users Group
Chris Carfagno
Chris Carfagno is a lead audio engineer and customer service agent for The Sound Professionals, based in New Jersey, and can be found helping countless reporting professionals across many different groups and pages on FaceBook. His many years of experience with audio in general, especially with microphone recording and setup, have made him one of the finest audio consultants we've ever met.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions - without the wait!

Can I choose which events to attend?

Absolutely! During your initial registration you'll be asked to choose between the STENO or the VOICE training tracks, but after that you will be free to choose which events you want to take or skip. Just remember that the virtual event works much like an in-person event where attendance tracking is concerned: if you don't attend, you don't get credit for that seminar.

How will attendance be tracked?

Our live events will all be served and tracked through GoToWebinar, which is widely regarded as the best online training platform for virtual events. Their tracking system is second to none and keeps detailed records of any and all attendance records based on your name and email address, and includes each log-in, log-off, total time in each event, your attentiveness, and much more.

Are their going to be breaks?

Sure thing! We've scheduled an appropriate number of meal-time, bathroom, and stretching breaks of sufficient times throughout our virtual event, so don't worry about that at all!

Will recordings be offered?

The simple answer is yes, recordings will be available for two weeks after the close of the conference for each seminar in our virtual event. With NCRA's permission, we are able to offer our registrants the option of viewing both live and recorded presentations. However, we can only provide Continuing Ed credits for one (1) seminar per time slot. Registrants are free to watch as many recordings as they wish within the two-week interval and there will be a certification document registrants must download and submit for any recording for which they wish credit. Remember: ONLY one Continuing Ed credit per time slot.

Why four days?

We spent a lot of deciding on the best format for this event and ultimately settled on spreading out classes across 4-days in total, with the first two-days occurring in the later hours of the work-week. Even though the event is four-days in-total, Thursday and Friday only have a single seminar happening each evening at 6:45PM Eastern Standard Time. The bulk of the events will occur across Saturday and Sunday.

What are the attendance requirements?

To attend you simply need to purchase your registration package and have yourself connected to high-speed Internet at the appropriate times. We will send you an agenda with links for each event and instructions, but you'll need to make sure your computer is in working order, with the latest version of Eclipse installed, and at least 2 working web browsers (primary plus a backup) to access the event.

Will we be able to ask questions?

Yes. Before the event you will be sent several documents, including links to forms that will allow you to post questions for each class you plan to take, in advance. Then, during the actual event, you'll also be able to post questions live which will be relayed to your presenter during appropriate times by their co-presenter whose job is just that - answering questions and passing others to your main presenter to answer. We cannot guarantee every question will be answered, but we'll do our very best.

Do I need my equipment setup and working?

Just as with our in-person events, this is completely your call, however please keep in mind that you won't be able to pause, rewind, or fast-forward the live virtual events. If you do plan on having your equipment setup in an attempt to play along at home we recommend that you do-so using either a second screen OR a second computer system. That way you can view both the live event AND your Eclipse program at the same time without switching between them.

What if I'm late or have issues?

Just as with in-person events there will be a certain amount of time, a grace-period if you will, between and into each of the events for delays and technical difficulties. That said, just with a live in-person event, as an attendee it is your responsibility to show up with the proper equipment, in working order, with enough time to get into the event and settled. GoToWebinar events are VERY easy to attend and historically we've had very little, if any, errors in previous virtual events.

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