ESP VirtuCon 5

Our LIVE sessions have concluded, but prospective attendees can still register for the event for a few more days until the last of the recordings are uploaded. You'll have access to all the handouts, all the recordings, and you'll still be eligible for the same CEUs / CEs that all our other attendees are! So if you're on the fence, it's time to make the call, only a few days remain until registrations are closed for good!


Biggest Eclipse Events!

The Eclipse Software Professionals Network (ESPN) has been presenting the finest Eclipse events for 25+ years and counting. Nowhere else can you find as many CE points, from the best Eclipse'ers on Earth, at the lowest prices possible. Join us today!

Brightest Presenters

Starting with the man who wrote the program itself, Jeremy Thorne, our preenters are the best in their fields and second to none.

Steno AND Voice Users Welcome

We do our absolute best to balance all our events so that both Steno & Voice users have the chance to earn the same amount of points.

View Live, Recorded, BOTH

Schedules are tight, so our events are recorded. Miss the live stream? Earn the same credits for viewing up-to 2 weeks later.


In addition to balancing the points, we will also submit any points you earn to the NCRA, NVRA, or both,  at your request, at no extra charge.

Our Presenters


Author of Eclipse, Director of R&D at Advantage Software

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Author of the Vizualizers in Eclipse, Realtime Reporter, Advanced Eclipse User for over 
30 years.

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Eclipse Advanced Level  Trainer, Court 
Reporter (ret.), eVerbatim Regional Sales Manager

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Voice writer, 
Firm Owner, Founder/Instructor The Vox Academy, Certified EclipseVox Advanced-level Trainer.

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Greym Blaszkiewicz

Eclipse Advanced Level  Trainer, Future-Minded Technology Specialist in QA

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Schedule of Events

All of our LIVE sessions have concluded for this event, but for a limited time you can still view every single one of the classes shown below AND earn points for those viewings! Just register now BEFORE our last few recordings are released and you're in!

Pricing & Registration

In addition to the member and non-member all-inclusive packages we've always offered, this year we're trying something new and offering you 2 additional packages to choose from, which are a-la-carte style. These new packages allow you to choose ANY six classes across the entire event you want to attend, with one package containing your choice of a track training course, and another package without. 



non-members add $50

Choose ANY 6 Classes 
(Except Track Training)
Up-to 0.9 CEUs or 9 CEs



non-members add $50

ALL Classes Included
Track Training Included
Up-to 2.35 CEUs or
Up-to 22.5 CEs
(The NVRA maximum is now 22.5 total CEUs for all Vox-related events)

Six-Pack with Track Training


non-members add $50

Choose ANY 6 Classes 
Track Training INCLUDED
Up-to 1.5 CEUs or 15 CEs

Can you tell me more about my viewing options for this event?

Absolutely! All attendees have the same viewing options regardless to how they registered or which package they choose. After registration you will receive invitations from the GoToWebinar company, who hosts our live webinars, for each event's LIVE version, so that you may attend live if you wish. If you cannot make the live version, for whatever reason, there is no need to notify us as you are also entitled to view the recordings of all the events. After the live session for each class ends you will get an email from GoToWebinar, even if you miss the class. 

The recordings for the live sessions are given a quick edit by our staff to remove any issues experienced and then uploaded to our website as quickly as possible - typically within 3-days after the live session was held. You will get email updates directly from us as these recordings are ready to view, along with instructions on where and how to view them. Once the recording for the final live session of the event has been released you will have 2-weeks in which to view any of the webinars you want to receive credit for. During this 2-week point-viewing time interval you will receive periodic updates from us confirming which classes you have completed and those you have not so you can plan appropriately. At the end of that 2-week interval we will no longer accept code word submissions to earn continuing education credits, but you can still viewing ANY of the events you have access to, for your own educational purposes, for a period of 90-days from the closing of the point-viewing period. 

Are there more details regarding Continuing Education Credits?

This event has a maximum earning potential of 2.25 CEU's from the NCRA, and 1.6 CE's (single-event maximum) from the NVRA, per attendee. The total points you earn will be based on which classes you chose to attend live OR view the recording of within the limited time 2-week interval given to earn points, which begins when the recording for the last scheduled class is released for viewing. Attendees will earn the same amount of credits regardless of whether they attende the live sessions or opt for the more convenient recordings later. At the end of the viewing period your attendance will be tallied, at which point you will be able to review your records for accuracy, before we submit viewing activity to the NCRA or NVRA. During registration you would have chosen which entity you wanted your viewing records sent to, which is what we will use to complete that activity. There are no extra costs or fees for submitting your credits to either organization for credit to your account. 

Code words are a very, very important detail to know for ANYONE who wishes to earn points and have their viewing activity shown. The code words, which are required by the NCRA to confirm attentiveness, will be given out randomly during each live session, and will also be a part of the recordings as well. The longer the session, the more code words there will be, and ALL must be correctly noted in order to receive credit for that session. In order to receive credit for ANY session of this event, live or recorded, you must view the session itself AND correctly answer ALL of the code words that were given out during a poll at the end of the event. For those that attend LIVE, the code word submission poll will be launched at the end of the class by your presenters in the form of multiple choice. For those that view the RECORDINGS, once the webinar video player reaches the end, the page you are on will automatically refresh and allow you to submit your code words from there. Once again, you will need to submit code words for each session you take and want credit for taking, but only once for each class. For example, if you elect to watch both the live AND recorded version of a class, and you submitted the correct code words during the LIVE event, you do NOT need to re-submit those code words at the end of the recording UNLESS you are certain that you didn't submit the CORRECT code words the first time around. 

After the 2-week point viewing interval ends our staff will take 1 to 2 days to complete our final calculations for attendee viewing activity, and then issue a final copy of your Attendance Records which show which classes you took, how many points you earned for each class, how many points you earned in total, and your personal contact information. This document serves as your proof of attendance as well as your certificate of completion. Once those final reports are sent, attendees have 24-hours to review them and report inconsistincies for resolution. The following day, all attendee viewing activity will be submitted to either the NCRA or NVRA based on your choices during registration. There are no additional fees for submitting your attendance for credit to either the NCRA or NVRA, however, if you need to submit your activity to your state or other local agency, you will need to do so yourself, at your own cost, using the Certificate of Completion mentioned above. The Certificate of Completion will be posted to your Account Dashboard on our website under the PERSONAL FILES section, and a copy will also be emailed directly to you. This Certificate of Completion will stay on record in your account with us indefinitely, should you ever need to download or print it again.

Do I need to register for the live classes?

No - we've already done that for you. Every registrant is automatically enrolled to attend both the live AND recorded versions of our events. You can pick and choose which you want to view, including both. If you can't make the live event, for any reason, simply ignore the emails and don't show up - no notice necessary. Just be sure you view the recordings inside the allotted viewing window AND submit the correct codewords to get your CEUs, if you need them.

Will I receive any documents or certificates at then end?

In short, YES. In more detail:

Several times during the 14-day recording viewing period we will upload DRAFT COPIES of your Attendance Report to the Account Dashboard on our website, which will also trigger an email notice to you of this fact at the same time. These DRAFT copies are just that, rough drafts, and will show your live AND recorded viewing records, as our system has them noted down, as of the date show on the document itself AND in the file name of the report. These drafts will be replaced with updated copies periodically throughout the recording viewing period as we generate them. If you notice a discrepancy on these draft reports, and you are certain you viewed the class(es) in question BEFORE the date shown on your report, please let us know ASAP using our online ticket system here so that we can investigate and make corrections on your behalf.

At the end of the recording viewing window we will take a few days to tally everyone's attendances and then generate an attendance report that will serve as your Certificate of Completion. This certificate will contain your personal information as well as a copy of our class agenda, and then finally a breakdown of which classes we have you down as attending, as well as the CEUs/CEs you earned for each class and the event overall. This document will be uploaded to your account dashboard at for safe-keeping, at which point an email will also be automatically generated and sent to you that will include a copy of this certificate attached as a PDF. 

This part is very important: Once the FINAL copy of your Attendance Report has been issued, you will have a 7-day window to review this certificate for errors and ask us for corrections before we submit the final copies to the NVRA or NCRA on your behalf. Once we have submitted the master report to these two accrediting organizations, there is no way to change them. These certificates will also be useful in submitting your attendance records to your local associations if you choose to do so. To report errors or request corrections to your Attendance Reports please use our online support ticket system by clicking here. Using the ticket system makes certain your message reaches us as it attaches your message request directly to your account and history with us, in addition to sending us an email which could easily be misplaced or filtered out.

Are refunds available?

Due to the fact that you can view the recorded versions of each class in the event you cannot attend the live versions, refunds will not be given after the day the first class is scheduled to begin. If you request a refund before that date we will authorize it minus a $50 processing fee.

How long do I have to view the recordings?

The recordings for ALL of the classes will be posted to our Attendees Only Site for viewing within a week of the final live sessions on October 29th, 2023. You will be notified by email when the recordings are ready to view, along with instructions on how and where to view them, and how the code word submission process will work. Remember - you can only view the recordings for two weeks after the final live classes recording is released. After that time, access to the recordings AND the ability to submit codewords for obtaining credits will be revoked for everyone - no exceptions, per NCRA rules. Once the 2-week points viewing interval expires, attendees will still be able to access and view their recordings for a period of 90-days, for their own educational purposes, but any viewing activity won't be recorded for point earning efforts.

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Your ticket price includes all viewing options possible, in all combinations, for the package you choose. Join us live if you can, watch the recording when it comes out, or do both so you can review topics you missed or that were unclear. You'll have 2-weeks to view recordings for points, and another 30-days after that to view for your own reasons. 

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